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CCTV-IP Camera
CCTV with varieties of cameras from conventional CCD cameras to HIGH SPEEDDOME cameras is the important factor, which determines the end result. We are in a position of offer you SAMSUNG, SANYO, PANASONIC, CBE/GANZ, TYCO, SENSORMATIC, CS LILIN,YOKO, HANSAE, and AV TECH AND TAYAMA. Cameras are selected depending on the coverage area, picture quality required, and Day/Night monitoring and have course the budget.

The Second part is recording the activities. This could be done with conventional time lapse VCR, Digital Multiplexed Recorder (DMR) or the latest Digital Video Recorder (DVR) technology.

The Third part is Monitoring. It can be done with standard TV, Hi-resolution Monitors (meant especially for this) and Computer VGA monitor with one or more monitors.

The Fourth one is Anti-Theft Security System. When you’re closing shop or factory after that if any theft is going on your place, then it will intimate immediately to your mobile or landline phones.
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